Voltage Control is hosting Control the Room, Austin Facilitator Summit at Capital Factory in downtown Austin on Thursday, May 23, 2019! It’s a full day, single track event for facilitators to meet peers, deepen their knowledge and hone their craft. Our goal is to cross-pollinate facilitators with different methods they can effectively leverage in the future.

This event provides a platform for the Austin facilitator community to gather to share ideas and an authentic, meaningful experience. We’re lining up a high-energy, highly-interactive day of learning, practicing, and most importantly, connecting. 

We will kickoff the day with a presentation by Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters. Priya wants to invigorate the ways people come together in order to banish stale conferences, flat dinner parties, and unproductive board meetings. In her interactive talks she challenges audiences to dig down to the root of why and how we make connections, create communities, and build organizations.

Venue Details
Capital Factory
701 Brazos Street, Austin, Texas 78701, United States
Voltage Control is an innovation workshop agency founded by Douglas Ferguson, an Austin-based entrepreneur and technologist with over 20 years of experience. With his unique combination of expertise in technology, product strategy, and design thinking, Douglas offers trusted guidance to companies who want to jumpstart their product or project with an impactful innovation workshop. Based in Austin, Voltage Control designs and leads custom innovation workshops and Design Sprints, as developed by Google Ventures. As well as workshop facilitation, Voltage Control offers Fractional CTO/CPO consulting services.